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Traditional food from Cuenca: humitas, tamales, corn tortillas

Hello everyone, If you are in Cuenca and it is your first time, or you already live here, we invite you to try our traditional food from our city. It is authentic food and we have a great variety that you will love to try. It is ideal to share with a group of friends, family or if you are alone.

Home delivery of our traditional food is free.

Humitas (Con queso y sin queso.)

6 Humitas = $9
8 Humitas = $12
10 Humitas = $15
13 Humitas = $20

Tamales de (Pollo o Cerdo.)

6 Tamales = $11
8 Tamales = $14
10 Tamales = $18
13 Tamales = $23

Tortillas de Choclo (Con queso o sin queso.)

6 Tortillas de choclo = $8
8 Tortillas de choclo = $11
10 Tortillas de choclo = $14
13 Tortillas de choclo = $18

To place your order contact:

WhatsApp: 098 527 9571


City: Cuenca

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