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Miracle healings, personal + soul growth

Miracle healings, personal + soul growth, most weeks

• Online option English/Spanish, available on Facebook live, 10:30 AM on Jeannie Alvin’s pinned post,
Pre-event in comments.

All Sundays except when there are holidays in Cuenca, Ecuador

10 AM in person, 10:30 AM online, details below.

This event will be in Spanish as well as English!

Please share widely on your pages!
Miracle Healings, Personal and Spiritual Growth
Unlock Your Path to Heaven on Earth!
Are you ready to embark on a journey of transformation and healing? Join us for a weekly spiritual growth event where miracles are transmitted, your soul can merge with you, and we learn to live in our hearts, and learn how to get our own answers + guidance from our hearts!

Inclusive Belief System:

• People from all backgrounds and beliefs are welcome. The teachings and energies are universal, of the Source of Love which we call God. Many religions specialize in certain aspects of God. Other terms are Divine Presence, Source, universal energy, Cosmic Intelligence, etc. No belief is required, some people are deep in forgetting, that’s fine.
• We live in a dense world, however, humanity is now in a transition to Heaven on Earth. We will begin the process of healing the Gap between where we are now in this density, to live in our highest consciousness.
• This is of utmost importance, as we cannot take the density of this reality into the heaven world that is coming.

Event Highlights:
• Miracle Healings: Real-life stories of broken backs healed, COPD reversed, and more. Your healing awaits!
• You can receive miracle healings for any two issues in your life, if you wish. You can upgrade your current situations with a special miracle blessing, if you wish.
• Follow Your Soul’s Path: Miracle healings to discover and walk confidently on your soul’s journey.
• You will, if you wish, go through a doorway where your soul will merge with you.
. When we are not on our soul’s path, difficult situations can start arising. Chronic + other illness appears always to arise when we are not on our soul’s path. We need to get on our path, not get stuck waiting to heal. Then healing will happen! Voice of experience!!! I had heart attacks, by not playing big enough for the huge gift I have, of miracle healings. I got on my path, and now my heart is totally healed!

• Heart-Centered Living: Learn and practice making decisions from the heart to manifest a life of abundance and joy. All positive decisions from our heart will come, fear-based decisions will result in fearful events. This has intensified since humanity began this transition to the Paradise world 6 months ago. This is crucial to understand, we will practice this.

• Weekly Event except for Cuenca holidays• Time: 10 AM
• Location: Baltazara de Calderon 2-26 y Miguel Velez

Fly right into Cuenca! Weekly in-person events continuing! We all have much to clear from this journey on this dense planet! Turn a visit into a spiritual upgrade! This is an inexpensive city, for those interested. Lunches from $2.50, hostals with private rooms under $20. Also message me for dental/ medical tourism, a fraction of the cost, can find US standards, come heal, illumine and grow spiritually + physically + have a vacation as well! Bring swim suits to go in hot springs near town!

• Event format:
• The event will last for about an hour and a half, with lunch provided afterwards for the in person venue.

• Reserve your seat now!
• In-Person: Pay by Thursday of each week
Email your reservations with your paypal receipts, JEP or zelle info, + ?s to

. A $21 (or more!) donation is appreciated from those attending in person or online, to support the women and children’s shelter, Mujeres con Exito. For those who may not be able to contribute $21, we request a minimum donation of $10 per person to cover the in-person venue’s entry fee, including lunch and a beverage.

Reserve your spot today and prepare to live in the Paradise world that is approaching!

• Bring bottle of water, notebook and pen, colored markers or pencils

• Miraculous healings + testimonials:

Apprehensive at first, I attended Jeannie Alvin’s meeting. It was informative and I started following some of her guidelines. During the next week, I started feeling better, as I had been feeling tired and distressed for months. Communicating with the Other World beings (universal energies) helped me to ask and express my feelings and physical needs. The next seminar is in 2 weeks and I will be there, for sure. When I slept on my arm wrong, I couldn’t even use my fingers! She cured it in minutes! Kenyon Shultz

Jeannie Alvin does a remarkable job at her events in articulating as per the topics that are relevant to the spiritual + healing domains, + she also clearly explains how to assist your own self with the best way to make those specific decisions which will most fulfill you per the path you’re on +/or shall select going forward. – Adam Elliot Altholtz

I really enjoyed the staircase exercise with the drawing. I also like the prayers for all of the people there. The space was very nice. The lunch was lovely.
What did I learn? I learned that coming inside and lovingly having communication with the self was so valuable + educational and rewarding.
Bless all of your efforts, Jeannie. I appreciate your sharing with others what you have found wonderfully + miraculously helpful.
Kindly, Janet Sinclair

I loved the stairs activity, so healing. I loved it! So powerful. Renny Leon, translator into Spanish, event 1

I really liked it, I felt one Light that wants to light up inside me. I would like to continue attending, thank you. Soila Zalazar

• I benefited from the miracle healing prayers Jeannie Alvin sent me, plus a special prayer at the level of soul that she gave me to say 10 times a day.
• I had COPD according to the medical doctor. After praying that prayer for 3 days, I had to have a blowing test as well as a picture of my lungs taken. I thought I did really bad with blowing.
• A week after I called the MDs office and heard that I did not have COPD and my blowing test went fine. My COPD was gone. The tests at the hospital confirmed that my lungs are now healthy.
• This is all because of the miracle prayer that Jeannie sent me. Many blessings to this amazing woman who has healing capabilities herself and also healed herself of serious heart problems. She is an advanced soul!
• Signed Georgina Nunez, Psychotherapist.
• I benefited from Jeannie’s healing prayers. Prayers do work and miracles do happen.
• I fell on the sidewalk on La Niña on the way to SuperMaxi. Everything hurt but I got up and continued to slowly walk to SuperMaxi and grocery shop.
• I took a taxi home and my husband called my doctor. She immediately made a home visit and while I had discomfort to low grade pain she couldn’t believe I was walking. I had X-Rays taken and I had broken vertebrae in my back, and most of my lower disks were herniated or ruptured. I had a bone density scan and I have osteoporosis in my spine, both fémures and both hips.
• I was told I would be in a wheel chair.
• Well, I am not in a wheelchair and doctors can’t believe I am not in bad pain.
• They press on my back, hips and fémures and can’t understand why I am not screaming in pain. They just say that I have a high pain threshold. I feel nothing when they touch me….absolutely nothing.
• It’s not pain tolerance it’s healing. Healing prayers do heal.
• Just got back from a hike in the woods with the dogs. From the lady who was told to get a wheelchair!
• Thank you, Jeannie.
Leslie Hinebaugh, Educator, Cuenca, Ecuador

See more testimonials in 2 pages at + see Remote Miracle Healings page to request your own miracles.

Reserve your seat now!

Baltazara de Calderón 2 -26 y Miguel Vélez

Jeannie Alvin

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