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Board gamers

A new group hoping to evolve into a club especially for singles. But, let’s see what the interest is.

This Wednesday, November 15th, at La Yunta from 1 until 3 PM, a get to know you kind of first meeting. This is not a pre-established group so no cliques to break into.

Bring your favorite game. Be part of forming a fun group which meets once a week (can be in different places).

You can help people learn a new game or be a ‘learner.” How does this game work?

Important: no stress, no political talk, good manners please, in a lovely relaxed, atmosphere.
Come on; have fun!

Wednesday, November 15th, from 1 until 3 PM, free,

Primero de Mayo. Just off Avenida las Americas

Barbara L Suderman:

City: Cuenca

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