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7 Bakery Coffee

We will only be accepting home delivery of orders from Monday to Sunday and holidays with 24 hours in advance.

WhatsApp: 098 862 7147

Raised donuts:


Boston Cream $1.25
Choco-Nutella $1.25
Choco-Passion fruit $1.25
Choco-Dulce de Leche $1.25
Vanilla Blackberry $1.25
Choco-Blackberry $1.25
Creme Bruleé $1.25
Lemon Pie Donut $1.25
Oreo – Cookies and Cream $1.25
Blackberry powdered sugar $1.25
Dulce de leche powdered sugar $1.25


Classic Glazed $1.25
Maple and Bacon $1.25
Chocolate $1.25
Chocolate Rainbow Sprinkles $1.25
Vanilla Rainbow Sprinkles $1.25
Cinnamon Glazed $1.25
Snickers (Peanut and Caramel) $1.25
Double chocolate glaze $1.25
Oreo Classic $1.25
Apple Fritters $1.75
Blueberry Fritters $1.75


Strawberry Cheesecake $1.25
Apple and Cinnamon $1.25
Nutella $1.25
Manicho $1.25
Blueberry $1.50

Promotion 6 donuts or muffins for $7 (applies to products whose regular price is $1.25)

Minimum order 6 per product (6 donuts or 6 muffins).

Home deliveries $1.50 applies only on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Applies only in urban perimeter.

Every day,

Home delivery

Maria Eugenia Crespo Espinoza: 098 862 7147

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