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“Real Deal” BBQ at Pájaro y Bestia

We did a little comparison shopping today.

On the left, pan de maíz (cornbread) purchased at SuperMaxi El Vergel. Price per muffin was 0.51, for a total of $1.02.

On the right, a piece of cornbread sold at Bird and Beast BBQ – Pájaro y Bestia for only $1

Note the differences.
The SuperMaxi bread has a very fine texture and crumbles down into a dry powder.
Ours crumbles like you would expect from old school cornbread, plus has fresh corn kernels on top plus a generous helping of Honey Chili Mantequilla.

Which would you prefer?

Gran Colombia 13-100 y Estévez de Toral

La Bestia

098 321 8273 WhatsApp to reserve food or for delivery

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