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Prefabricated houses, Ecuador

Greetings to the community, My name is Manuel, I manufacture houses in an efficient, effective, efficient and economical way. They are fast to build.

There is no design limit, you can design whatever you want, the whole structure is with galvanized metal profiles, consists of a coating of several layers with this material to make it more resistant to atmospheric corrosion and scratches.

All included, plans, study of soil, design, first class finishes, porcelain tile, luced led, eternit roof, doors, windows, windows. ready to move in.

This is a new technology to help the environment, prefabricated houses are manufactured piece by piece in an external factory, transported to the place where the house will be and assembled on the owner’s property. Prefabricated homes are a fast and affordable way to build a sustainable home.

Your home in any city in Ecuador.

Please send me an email to attend your request, a pleasure to work together to build your nice home in this beautiful Ecuador in a cost effective and solid way.

The cost: one story house $400 per square meter. Two story house $500 per square meter, three story house $600 per square meter. There is no limit of design all based on square meters; to your comfort. It all depends on how many square meters you want your house.

We finalized two houses. If you want to see them, write me to schedule an appointment.

Cuenca Centro


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