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Monica Gonzaga Relocation and Real Estate Services

Greetings to the Expats Community in Ecuador and newcomers,

I’m Monica Gonzaga, a well-known facilitator since 2014, specializing in smooth relocations to this enchanting country.

Numerous families, connected with me through Zoom, WhatsApp, email, telegram, Instagram, etc., have experienced my comprehensive services surpassing local facilitators.

If you’re contemplating a visit to Ecuador, I can streamline your journey, offering personalized assistance from airport pickups to exploring cities like Quito, Guayaquil, coastal gems, Cuenca, Cotacachi, Vilcabamba, Baños de Ambato, and the Ecuadorian Coast.

After touring Ecuador, if you decide on making it your retirement haven, I guide you through the visa process, ensuring a secure residency with my decade-long expertise.

Choosing to settle in Cuenca? I provide personalized guidance on acquiring your home, whether purchased or rented, discussing the intricacies with you. Your visit to Cuenca will include tours of neighborhoods, popular spots, historical places, and insightful real estate discussions.

My service extends beyond being a tourist guide; it’s a roadmap to a new life in Ecuador. I’m your companion, guiding you step by step, understanding your language, culture, and needs.

With a decade as an Facilitator, I’ve assisted hundreds in residency, citizenship, and home finding. Now, I’m excited to launch this program, ready to extend my wealth of experience to you.

If health concerns prompt your visit for top-notch medical services, I’ve got you covered with access to the best doctors, dentists, and eye specialists at incredible prices.

Satisfied customers vouch for my services, and I’m here, eager to introduce you to the wonders of Ecuador. Don’t hesitate – contact me now and let’s embark on this journey together. I can’t wait to showcase the marvels my country offers, ensuring you benefit from every aspect.

Contact me now and we can make a Zoom meeting, a WhatsApp call. Or you can come to my office located in downtown Cuenca.

Benedicto XV

Monica Gonzaga

098 384 1691

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