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Happy Veterans Day from Emilio, driver

It is a great pleasure for me to wish you a happy Veterans Day. Many of you are my friends and I know that you went through a lot while you were in service to your country. Thank you!

For over 10 years, I have provided a variety of services in Cuenca and around my country. I enjoy driving and visiting with you most of all. I dedicate myself to driving and being at your service as your needs dictate as long as you contact me in advance. If you need a ride around town, I can help.

Want to visit the surrounding area? I know the area very well and can provide you with an engaging experience visiting various establishments that will thrill you with their offerings. Need to get to the coast, airport, or just drive around? Want a narrated visit to the area? I’m here.

Check out my video on YouTube and Facebook. (copy and paste in your browser.)

I am fully bilingual and can facilitate for you with doctors, nurses, banks, businesses of all kinds. People recommend my services because I can not only understand what the doctors say and why they say it, but I can explain their comments in a way you can easily understand. This is a gift that not everyone has.

Call or text me to book an appointment for driver, facilitator or other services like touring the area.

Calle Cantón Saraguro y Manuel Cisneros, Cuenca

Emilio Morocho
098 699 5694

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