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Geisha Beans coffee

Elevate your coffee experience with Lamer’s exclusive specialty blends, curated just for you. Indulge in the sophistication of Peruvian Geishas, boasting an exquisite 87-point light roast with hints of red berries. Or savor our Ecuadorian Special Coffee Blend, a luxurious medium-dark roast at 84 points per cup, rich with chocolatey undertones.

Enjoy the convenience of doorstep delivery, available in kilo, half-kilo, and quarter sizes. For a taste that mirrors your refined lifestyle.

Reach out to us: Ecuador: 096 353 7980. WhatsApp Peru: +519 3 204 2636

Embrace the finer things in life – choose organic, specially processed coffee for those unique, indulgent moments. Your discerning palate deserves nothing less.



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