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Building Workshop: learn how to make amazing low cost structures

Start your own business or make your own home learning geodesic dome and sphere construction. Learn how to make everything from micro cabins to huge structures.

These buildings are modular in construction and don’t require building permits because they can be disassembled and moved. So strong you can suspend the spheres air with a single cable like a Christmas ball. The spheres are design to be placed in a forest or steep terrain without disturbing the land. This is truly living light on the land.

Construction is galvanized tube steel frame for both the spherical structure and interior furniture, floor, shelves and legs. They can be covered with very low cost green house plastic. Or custom welded vinyl to make what is used in 5 star glamping centers. Our latest covering development is galvanized steel plates with acrylic windows for a structure that can last for generations.

Now taking a few students for a 2-week course for only $499. Save thousands of dollars for similar training.

Galapagos and Imbabura

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