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Any gringo going to Ireland soon?

Hello beautiful people,

Any gringo going to Ireland soon?
Please let me know, I have some Reishi tincture I make here that I would like to get home to my family, friends and community.

Please let me know.

Thanks in advance

More on Reishi (Reishi tincture is a mushroom tincture, not psychedelic; most asked question) fully legal in all countries. Reishi is one of the most revered medicines in history. Known as Ling zhi in China, the folklore surrounding this magical adaptogen describes the reverence the ancient Daoists (Taoists) had for this life-enhancing mushroom. Ling zhi means “spirit plant” or “tree of life mushroom”.

Reishi really is a supreme protector on every level – spiritually, mentally, physically and immunologically. Today, the medicinal mushroom is known for its anti – inflammatory properties, cardiovascular support and as a powerful immune tonic.

Reishi, also known as Ganoderma lucidum, is a very safe adaptogen; that means it has the glorious ability to calm the body down, while simultaneously revitalising it. Reishi really is the queen.

It grows at my beach home in Ayampe, I am currently here in Cuenca.
You may have seen me happily offering at the markets.


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