Why use a chiropractor?

Why chiropractic many people ask me. “Why is it when I see a chiropractor, I need to keep returning? Simply put, what you do in your daily lives promotes spinal issues.

We, at the Consultorio Cuenca Quiropractica y Muscular Terapia office, not only find the cause of the immediate pain but we look for why you have the pain in the first place. How do we do this? We ask many questions about your work ergonomics, your sitting and sleeping habits and positions and other questions that we deem appropriate. From this we determine why your condition continues and advise you on how and what to correct. This helps your recovery well and prevents future damage to the column.

For more information and a free consultation, call Alejandra at 098 764 2749 (Spanish) today (English 098 775 1490) Francisco de Jerez y Gregorio Maranon, Cuenca Rob Annis dr.r.annis@hotmail.com

Francisco de Jerez y Gregorio Maranon, Cuenca

Robert Annis

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