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We are an entrepreneurship that, since its founding in 2012 in Venezuela, has evolved and diversified its services to provide exceptional environmental and landscape solutions.

In our first years, we specialized in environmental consulting and ornamental and phytosanitary tree pruning services, as well as afforestation of green areas in Venezuela. In 2018, we took a step forward by expanding our operations to Ecuador, focusing on ornamental tree pruning services while simultaneously revitalizing our brand identity to reflect our commitment to excellence.

However, our journey did not stop there. In 2021, we decided to embrace a green trend that is transforming living and working spaces: gardening with succulents. Succulents are renowned for their ease of care, low maintenance and their sustainability thanks to their minimal water consumption, making them ideal for modern, environmentally conscious environments.

Our services stand out in three key areas:

1. Garden Design with Succulent Plants: we work with you to create unique compositions of shapes and colors that adapt perfectly to your style and environment. We will transform your space into a succulent oasis that will reflect your personality and appreciation for natural beauty.

2. Transforming Items into Pots with Succulent Plants: Do you have forgotten and worn-out objects in your home? From chairs and tables to damaged toys, pots, jugs and electrical appliances, we are ready to revitalize them. We will give them new life by conditioning them to house harmonious designs of succulent plants, creating unique, artistic and natural pieces that will impress anyone who sees them.

3. Professional Potted Plant Handling: If you already own potted plants that need expert care, we are here to help. We will repot your plants in pots of your choice, adapting the substrate according to the needs of the species and applying organic fertilizer according to a specific plan, ensuring their continued health and beauty.

Contact us today and let’s arrange an appointment, so that we can understand your needs in detail and prepare a budget according to your requirements. We are excited to work with you!

Ing. Alejandra Ochoa


096 350 9889

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