Musings from Pájaro y Bestia

I want to put some rumors to rest. Two weeks ago, we had our own little tribute to Jimmy Buffet and served gumbo in his honor. A few souls came with their parrot hats. But despite the rumors, not a single person came in wearing a Speedo or a coconut shell bra.

However, it was the biggest weekend in the 15 month history of Pájaro y Bestia. We sold out of everything. Usually, the employees get to take a couple of meals home on Saturday night. Two weeks ago, they barely left with a snack.

This past weekend we tried out a new dish, a thick cut pork chop. We had chops specially cut, 4 cm thick. We seared them in cast iron, then roasted to the perfect doneness. You should have seen the customers eyes when we would bring one of these bad boys out. Almost invariably, I would be asked if we have started serving steak. (Not yet). Make a mental note to come try this chop the next time it is on the menu. If you are a carnivore, you will not be disappointed.

We tried a new recipe for cornbread this week. This was a swing and a miss. If you tried the cornbread this past weekend and were disappointed, rest assured we have already gone back to our previous recipe.

Hope to see you soon. Remember, Friday and Saturday only, 1 PM until we sell out.

Gran Colombia 13-100 y Estévez de Toral

La Bestia

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