3 risks of consuming chemicals used to produce chickens

Chicken is a popular source of protein for many people, but did you know that many of the chickens we consume are raised using dangerous chemicals? Here are three risks you should know about:

Antibiotics: Chickens are raised in very small spaces and in large quantities to meet the demand of the food industry. To prevent diseases in these environments, producers often give antibiotics to chickens. The problem is that this practice can cause antibiotics to accumulate in chicken meat and, if consumed, can lead to antibiotic resistance in humans.

Hormones: Like antibiotics, chicken producers often give hormones to chickens to make them grow faster and produce more meat. These hormones can be harmful to humans, especially those with a sensitive endocrine system.

Pesticides: Chickens can be fed with feeds that contain pesticides. While pesticide levels in chicken meat are generally low, any amount can be harmful to humans, especially if consumed regularly.

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