Recommendation for Mateo Jimenez, Tele-Facilitator, Tour guide, Internet Set Up

I am writing to introduce and to highly recommend a new facilitator-a Gringo guide in Ecuador, Mateo Jimenez.

So far, I have known Mateo mostly as a wonderful employee of Gran Colombia Suites – the best employee, on my account. I lived in Gran Colombia Suites for nearly 3.5 months, while looking for a permanent place to live. It was a very comfortable, though expensive stay, which is why I am now in another temporary place, still looking for a permanent apartment

Every staff member at Gran Colombia Suites was very friendly and very helpful, but Mateo stood out for his exceptional friendliness, attention, and his true human interest in the hotel guests.

By the end of my stay there, when I bought the washer and dryer for my new temporary apartment, Mateo helped to arrange their delivery and installation.

It is not that simple when one’s Spanish is limited, because the electrical appliances stores contract special companies for installation, but it falls on the customer to call those companies and coordinate the delivery and installation. Mateo did it in a few minutes, with a smile. All this could have been the worst headache imaginable, but there was a very capable Mateo.

Then, after I had moved out Gran Colombia Suites, Mateo talked to the store 1-2 more times about keeping my new fridge and microwave (no place in my present hole in the wall, whose owner refuses to abide by his original promises), and about the washer and dryer warranty that had not been delivered by the installers.

It all was so very easy – I wrote Mateo an email, asking him to please talk to the sales lady and explain my situation. Probably 30 minutes later, I received his reply, telling me that my fridge and microwave would be kept at the store until I moved into my permanent apartment, and how to deal with the washer and dryer warranty if, god forbid, it would be needed soon

The telephone communication skills are indispensable for doing business in Ecuador, in Spanish of course. And it is here that most of us fail. For example, I had also bought some furniture for my new (allegedly fully furnished suite LOL). Colineal had a great sale, so I jumped on the wagon, but found out the next day, from their email, that they could not process my credit card payment Well, Isabel, the Gran Colombia Suites manager, resolved everything with one phone call – turned out they had problem with their web site, which is why they could not accept my cc payment. Without that phone call, I most probably would have lost my great prices,

It is in this sort of thing that Mateo, unlike any other facilitator, can be helpful to the Gringos who are on good terms with the Internet but have difficulties responding by phone to the CS requests, etc. I think this sort of help is absolutely invaluable and will save many people time and money. Just shoot Mateo an email and ask him if he can help, say, to install the Internet or to deliver your furniture and/or appliances, or to make an appointment.

Mateo is an unusual new facilitator – a graduate of the University of Azuay. His English is unhesitant, he writes very well and responds to emails promptly and in detail.

Mateo can do many things with a simple phone call, which is extremely valuable, as Ecuadorians are used to doing business over the phone, which is something most of us Gringos are not able to do. Mateo is also very good at responding to emails, so he can help you remotely.

Need remote help? Contact Mateo at
cell: 098 774 5367

Address: Cuenca

Recommended by Dra Jane Johnson:

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