Gramm Bulkshop

We are a little store in Cuenca downtown, we have a variety of bulk dried foods including flours, nuts, beans, spices, coffee, chocolate, nutritional yeast, tea and dried fruits.

Try our fresh products, coca leaves, guayusa, moringa, green tea, black tea,

Nuts like walnuts, macadamia, pecan Nuts, almond, Brazil Nuts, pumpkin seeds, pine Nuts, etc.

Dark chocolate covered nuts like cashew, macadamia, hazelnuts, mint, raisins, peanut, Orange, golden berry, black berry and many others.

We have very fresh spices to enhance the flavor of your favorite foods, we have ground allspice, ground clove, cardamom, nutmeg vanilla bean, cumin, curry, tumeric, thyme, basil, dill, onion flakes, dill seeds, fennel seeds, smoked paprika, marjoram, cayenne pepper, celery chopped, coriander, peppers: black, red, white, green, tarragon, garam masala, Italian seasoning, Old Bay, poultry seasoning, tandori masala, chili powder, hot chilis, etc.

Also, our Granola is made without added sugars, binders, or oils.

We want to reduce the use of plastic, we use paper covers and we invite you to bring your favorite bag, as well as your containers to fill them with the necessary amount.

We are at Sucre 14-14 and Estevez de Toral near San Sebastián park. Call us, 0995059604, or send us a email

Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 17:00 PM Saturday from 10 AM to 1:00PM.


City: Cuenca

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