Experience Café Ñucallacta

🌞 Start your weekend off right at one of our two fabulous locations! 🏡 Join us for a delightful breakfast experience featuring in-house baked pastries, and of course, our signature, freshly roasted coffee. ☕

🍳 Have you had the pleasure of trying our mouthwatering Huevos Rancheros or the unique Green Plantain Waffle? 🌮🥞 If not, this weekend is the perfect time to indulge your taste buds! And let’s not forget about our irresistible Louisiana Style Carrot Cake and Vegan Oatmeal Raisin cookies – a treat for everyone! 🍰🍪

🌱 We’re not just about great food, but also a commitment to quality and sustainability. Our coffee is freshly roasted right here on-site, ensuring you get nothing but the best with every sip. ☕

🤩 Incredible service and products await you, all at unbeatable prices. Don’t miss out on this amazing culinary experience!

📣 Save the date: September 29th and 30th, we’re hosting an Artisan Fair filled with activities! 🎨☕ We’ll be showcasing our new coffee harvest, complete with ancestral ceremonies and live music – an event you won’t want to miss! 🎶🌿

This Weekend, 9am to 5pm,

Av. Loja 2320 & J. B. Vasquez / Hermano Miguel 562 & H. Vasquez

Rumi Duchicela: 0963114958

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