Emergency Case & End of Life plan by Monica Gonzaga

*Emergency Case- plus end-of-Life plans Cuenca Monica Relocation Consultant Services is here to help you!

Do you know that in case of an emergency I have a plan for you. The plan I have is not only in case you die but in case of what would happen if you were alone or just new couple of gringos that don’t know the Language of Spanish here in Cuenca or you have some illness?
Are you preparing for that? what about accidents? You don’t necessarily have to be dead to use this plan.
This service that Mónica Gonzaga brings it to you, is more than that, is plan in case of emergency, who can help you who they can call for immediately help? don’t risk your life .Let me help you I had created a plan to be prepared in case you need it, just come to my office to explain it in more detail.

Remember that difficult situations can happen at any time whether you are young or old, you are warned what happens in the event of an accident at your house? Do you have someone to help you? Do you have any Ecuadorian friends? this is very important if you don’t speak well Spanish It would be ideal because they understand Spanish very well to take you to different assistance houses.
If you want to know more and want more information, it will be a pleasure to guide you and help you with this emergency plan.
contact me at :
whatshapp 593-983841691

Benedicto xv

Monica Gonzaga

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