Recommendation for massage By Annie (Annie Schinsky), massage therapy

Hello Cuenca friends! Michael LaTour from Manta here.

I’m writing a recommendation for the amazing “Massage by Annie”. Sadly, we are losing her, because she is moving/returning to you! I taught massage therapy for several years in Washington State, so I tend to analyze technique in a different way- and Annie’s massage style is special.

Annie’s philosophy is rooted in healthcare, she works to not only make you feel relaxed, but feel *better*. She has the three things that make a phenomenal massage therapist: a thorough understanding of anatomy and kinesiology, hands that can feel and follow muscle tension, and a practiced and skilled intuition in her craft.

She does 90-minute sessions so she can give a full body massage, while having time to focus on problem areas…and she really listens.

As she relocates back to you (we’re so sad!) Do yourself a favor and try her out! She returns to Cuenca at the end of September!

PS: If/when we come to Manta next, the better half and I will definitely make time for an Annie day!

Address: Cuenca, out-call

Contact information: +593 98 426 0054

Recommended by Michael LaTour:

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