Clandestino: great pastas, low prices

Clandestino: pastas, lasagnas and sourdough bread
In Clandestino, 14-60, you have many delicious things to eat:

Taste an authentic sourdough bread ($1.50)
Stuffed pastas with salsas and bread portion ($3)
Stuffed pastas per pound ($6 – it doesn´t include salsa or bread portion)
Lasagnas- Classic and vegetarian ($4)
Korean kimchi ($5)

Each ingredient is made for us. 100% homemade. All fresh and delicious for the best price!

Follow us to know more about us:

From Monday to Friday from 11 AM,

Presidente Córdova 14-60 and Coronel Talbot

Karla Rachadell: 099 758 9087

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