The Middle East: a 7-course menu

La Guarida Cuenca invites you to

The Middle East
a 7-course tasting menu

this Friday, September 15th,
anytime from 5 – 9 PM.

Embark on a culinary journey to the Middle East with our exquisite 7-course tasting menu. Indulge in a tantalizing hummus trio, a refreshing tabouli salad, perfect homemade falafels, juicy chicken shawarma, Jordanian goat stew, a perfect honey crispy baklava and much, much more.

For just $27.50, this meal is an experience you can’t afford to miss. Join us in this unique dining adventure!

We are located at Mariscal Lamar and Luis Pauta.

September 15th, from 5 to 9 PM,

Mariscal Lamar 22-23 y Luis Pauta

Andres: 099 806 8071

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