Patrimony Days

Every year, we celebrate the patrimony days.

For these Patrimony Days, we invite you to take part in several fascinating tours that explore the origins and development of a relationship that has marked the life of the city forever. A relationship that is kept alive in the customs and architecture of a people who love their traditions.

Saturday, 16th of September 2023

11 AM: Meet us at the Alianza Francesa of Cuenca (Tadeo Torres 1-92)
Join the French Route, witness the encounter between Cuenca and France and travel through time and space, a history full of anecdotes, beauty and memory. We will see the history, from the arrival in Cuenca of the First French Geodesic Mission in 1739 to the important Frenchification that took place at the end of the XIX century and the beginning of the XX century.

7 PM: Meeting at te Plaza del Otorongo
Participate in the cultural circuit “San Draque”, where we will discover the legends and best kept secrets of the San Roque neighborhood; through theatrical, musical and gastronomic dimensions.

We will travel through the southern surroundings, we will meet with the legacy of Rafael Carpio Abad and we will learn more about the French saint who takes care of these lands.

To participate, reserve your place by filling out the form:

This day, we also invite you to participate to a conference about the Cañarie’s cultures – Saturday,16th at 10 AM in the auditorium of the Alianza Francesa

Then, on the 21st of September, in the Museum Pumapungo, in the Jardin more specifically, come assists to a Killa Raymi, It is a celebration of the moon and the femininity, connecting you with the Andean world and the 4 elements of nature.

If this interests you, register your name on these forms:

All the activities are free and open to public.

Do not lose these opportunities to learn more about the Ecuadorian patrimony!

September, Free,

Tadeo Torres 1-92

Alianza Francesa de Cuenca:

City: Cuenca

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