Let’s open our wings and go to the beach

From Sept 25 till Sept 28

4 days of sun

Day 1

Monday Sept 25 meeting point at La Yunta for a full English breakfast. Then we start our trip in a nice private comfortable bus.

Our first stop is the new restaurant in Molleturo called Raid 1969, a very interesting place full of surprises

We carry on our way until Farallon Dillon Hosteria where our home will be for 4 days.

After we do our check in, we will have lunch at the hosteria and get settled.

Late afternoon and for the sunset we make our way to visit Ballenita town center and beach, Ballenita is a small fishing community with very nice friendly people just 15 min away from Farallon Dillon.

Day 2

Early start to have a great walk by La Chocolatera and Loberia, a magic place where we can see sea lions, pelicans, lizards, birds and whales.

It is one of my happy places in the world.

Here we will be able to see the beautiful shape of Santa Elena peninsula from the Mirador.

We will spend here most of the day but don’t worry, there is a small coffee place where we can have snacks.

In the afternoon we will go to El Escondite restaurante, a hiding gem in Ballenita to have late lunch/early dinner, and enjoy the sunset.

Day 3

Visit to Anconcito and Ancon

Anconcito is a small fishing town, the smaller community in Santa Elena, with a beautiful port.

Ancon is a very small area of Santa Elena which was the first British Colony in Ecuador and the only one. Ancon arose in around 1911 as an oil field of the English company, Anglio Ecuadorian Oilfields Limited, 1911 the first oil was driller in the country, Anconcito is a small village where we can see the beauty of the English arquitecture, area full of history and colors.

For lunch we will go back to El Escondite.

Free afternoon to enjoy the Hosteria and the beach. Dinner here.

Day 4

After breakfast we start our trip back home.

We will have a stop in El Molino Restaurante in El Cajas to have late lunch and to feel back at home.

The cost:

$110 per person for transport, breakfast at La Yunta and tour guide only cash payment


This prices include IVA. If you prefer to pay cash and not invoice then 12% off.

Breakfast is included.

Double room $73.20 per day per couple

Twin room $85.40 per day per day per couple

Single room $42.70 per day

All the meals are not included in the price but the prices at the restaurant are very reasonable and the food is great.

This trip is for 20 pax, not more, not less.

The trip will take us 6 or 7 hours with stops the way to use the bathroom

So if you would like more info please contact me.

I hope you can join us in this great trip.

Sept 25 until Sept 27,

La Yunta

Sole Riquetti: layuntatiendaycocina@gmail.com 098 9456 551

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