Does it make you enjoy a great cheeseburger, made by hand?

Then you just have to choose between:

1- La Nostra Burger… with 150 grams of 100% pure meat, sesame bread, cheddar cheese, egg, ham, tomato, red onion and fresh lettuce, accompanied with a 27 gram package of curly potatoes + personal Pepsi… either…
2- The Premium Burger… double meat and double cheese, sesame bread, egg, ham, tomato, red onion and fresh lettuce and if you want with an additional package of curly potatoes and personal Pepsi you only pay $0.50 cents + the normal price.

La Nostra Pizza Napoletana is creating new products that you will love.

Delivery only… order now

From Thursday to Saturday from noon to 10 PM,

Misicata Cuenca

Joel y Yenis: 098 305 6004

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