Cojitambo Loop, 20.5 km hike with Inca ruins, 24/09/23

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This is a 20.5 km hike with an elevation gain of 873 meters. We take a bus from Cuenca bus terminal for around 35 minutes and we get off about 5 minutes before Azogues. Our hike starts by steadily going up (well mostly) for roughly 9 km. Some of the gradient can be slightly steep but only for short distances. Most of the first 9 km is uphill and on dirt track, much of it walking trails.

At around 9 km we start going up Cojitambo Mountain where the altitude at the top of the Summit is 3,105 m. Just below the top of the mountain is the Inca ruins which formed part of the Inca trail, not on the level of Ingapirca, but reasonably impressive nonetheless. This ascent is just over 1 km long with an altitude gain of 140 m.

You will be astounded by tremendous views of Cajas, Cuenca and Azogues and even mountains further afield around Biblian and Paute.

After dropping down from the Cojitambo summit, for those who do not want to do the full 20.5 km, you can stop after 11.5 km and get a bus to Azogues and then a 2nd one back to Cuenca bus terminal. My partner will guide you onto the bus. The hike isn’t especially technical.

For those who will do the whole hike, after arriving again at the foot of Cojitambo mountain, we have around 3 kilometers of walking downhill on an unbusy asphalted road, with views of Deleg and Cajas to the right. Shortly after entering a village, we go on a dirt track for roughly 3kms which winds itself down to a creek going through communities dotted on the undulating hillsides with eucalyptus trees abounding. Upon finishing an ascent which has an elevation gain of around 140 meters, we have another 2.5 kilometres downhill to the end of our hike.

Hike details:

Longer 20.50km hike
Duration 4 hours 30 mins to 5 hours approx
Elevation gain 873 metres

Shorter 11.5km hike
Duration 3 hours to 3 hours 30 approx
Elevation gain 739 metres

Technical level: 2/5
Physical fitness required: 3/5 For hikers with experience/regular hikers.
Meet time: 8h Cuenca Bus Terminal, in front of Guayaquil ticket purchase counter (please be punctual) Sept 24. Back in Cuenca bus terminal approx 16h.

Price: Only $20 per person, includes public transport, gluten free snack. Price is the same whether you do the full hike or the 11.5km hike.

Does not include: Clothing, equipment, insurance, lunch, hydration.
Transport: By bus.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any injury of any kind on this experience.
If it is raining, we will hike anyhow, so please bring wet weather gear.

About your guide:

Mark has lived in seven countries including the US and Canada and has been in Ecuador since 2011. From London, UK, he has a degree in international tourism management and is a qualified guide and speaks four languages. He has been a tour guide in France and Spain before taking groups out hiking in Ecuador.

24/09/23 8 AM to 3:30/4 PM, $20,

Azogues Canton

Mark: WhatsApp: 098 343 3313

City: Cuenca

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