Oh, she’s Sassy!

Sassy is small in size, weighing only a manageable 10 kg! She is docile, loving and calm. Sassy is approximately 2 years old, she is spayed, vaccinated and dewormed.

Sassy was found wandering near traffic and was about to be run over by cars. She went to the shelter at first, but there, she was having a hard time. It seems as if she had a home at some point and was abandoned. I posted the picture of Sassy looking for her family but no one has called.

She walks on a leash very well and is friendly with other dogs and people. She is being fostered in a home at the moment.

On the first day she came to foster, she peed in the house and received a firm “no!”. Since that that she has not had an accident when she sleeps overnight in the house for about a month now. I suspect she will need some house training reinforcement and monitoring at first. Regular trips outside to pee would be advisable.

She has the most adorable mohawk at no extra charge!

To arrange a meet and greet with adorable Sassy, please contact me.

Jo Austin: jomarieaustin99@gmail.com 099 535 7387. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

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