New reimbursement system

I wanted to share this experience with anyone out there who might be confused about reimbursement for medical payments through Humana, because the insurance company likely won’t tell you.

About two months ago, on the advice of my insurance agent, I switched from Vida Buena insurance to Humana. Vida Buena made reimbursement payments directly into my JEP account, but they were taking a long time to reimburse. Thus the switch to Humana.

I received notices that I had two reimbursements paid to me. But, they were paid to Pichincha Bank. I have never had a Pichincha account. Part of the confusion was that my Spanish is not up to snuff and I misunderstood the message, until a friend told me that the money had been sent to Pichincha bank and I had to go pick it up!

Went to Pichincha; they understood what I wanted, but required a copy of my cedula. So went to get the copy. Brought the copy back and was told to wait because they were going to issue a check for the amount. Waited some more. Got the check for the full amount, then went to JEP to make the deposit into my JEP account. So maybe this will save someone some grief, if they understand what the new system is.

Last week of August to Sept. 6, noon,

Banco Pinchincha, JEP, Féria Libre


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