The great offerings continue with new items added

Here are more items for you collectors of ‘stuff;’ not junk, just ‘stuff’

1. Wall hanging, from Otavalo. Vertical image, blues, oranges, 24′ x 53′ – $40.
2. Indian silk sequined fabrics for bed covers. One quite large, themed elephant or wall décor, turquoise blue, purple. Beautiful actually, just wrong colors now. $15 each. For large $25.
3. Swords and knives, for the serious knife/sword collector. from Canada. ‘Cutting Edge,’ interlocking daggers, fighting combat fan, wall art, swords. Assorted prices (send those with images upon request)
4. two small kennels, small dog, large cat, $20 each. In good condition.

Barbie Simmons:

City: Cuenca

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