Central America, a 7-course menu

On Friday, September 8th, indulge yourself at La Guarida anytime between 5 and 9 PM with our exquisite 7-course tasting menu, a culinary journey inspired by the vibrant flavors of Central America.

Relish the tantalizing delights of pupusas, zesty ceviche, hearty mondongo, mouthwatering seafood tapao, the iconic and delectable ropa vieja, and conclude your culinary adventure with a delightful dessert. All of this culinary magic can be yours for just $27.50.

Join us for an unforgettable dining experience!
Reservations are required.

Text or call 099 806 8071.
We are located at Mariscal Lamar and Luis Pauta.

September 8th, from 5 PM to 9 PM,

Mariscal Lamar 22-23 y Luis Pauta

Andres: underalias@gmail.com 099 806 8071

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