Looking for an adventurous travel partner (6 months?)

This is a huge long shot, but here goes…

I am looking for a travel partner for all or part of what will hopefully be an epic journey.

In late October, I am headed south to Patagonia by motorcycle…Peru, Chile, and Argentina. Then north up the east side of South America to Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, French Guiana, maybe Venezuela, Columbia. I have no real schedule; it will be roughly 21k miles and it could take as much as 6 months.

I am not really a “biker”. I just use the mode of transportation that strikes my fancy and motorcycle seems like a good way to explore South America. Don’t know how to ride? You have a couple months to learn.

Due to the length of the trip, I am not even trying to make specific plans for hotels/hostels. I will make them a couple of days in advance as we travel. I am bringing camping and hiking gear with me. I will camp if the weather is good and it seems like a reasonable thing to do. Otherwise mostly hostels with a few nice hotels thrown in just for the fun of it.

I am a photographer/videographer so my pace of travel is slow. I won’t be riding every day and when we get to Patagonia, the pace will slow even more as I want to take my time to explore and photograph.

Anyone out there even remotely interested? Call, email or WhatsApp if you are.

Nathan: nathanlakern+gp@gmail.com 098 690 6978. Call after: 6 AM.

City: Cuenca

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