Well, we all know about this. But my go-to shipper’s going every-other-month and I have medical supplies I need more regular shipping for.

May I ask for advice?

1. Shipping from US to Cuenca, considering time, availability, cost, ease/dependability of shipment arrival.

2. May need monthly service, these are medical supplies and shipper must be able to follow any EC/US customs challenges. No drugs, “durable” (i.e., they last a few days/week) equipment not sold in EC or SA.

3. We can pick up from a central location, do not need door-to-door and don’t want to risk any lost supplies with questionable “Home Delivery.”

4. Cost. Of course, we expect to pay for this, are aware of shipping problems/costs, but don’t want to be taken advantage of.

5. Shipments are smaller, but we are also looking for a dependable container carrier who might fit in a big (4’x6′) box of medical supplies (above) a time or two/year. Professional, responsible and reasonable.

All recommendations will be checked, so please include contact info.

Thanking my expat friends, known and unknown.

Doreen Dvorin

City: Cuenca

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