Is spoken Spanish your real Achilles’ heel?

Is it really frustrating not being able to competently interpret what you are hearing?
Is becoming fluent a big challenge for you?

So, the first thing you have to do is…(drum roll)…
• Develop an ear by listening to organic conversations on your favorite platform: YT, streaming, podcasts, etc.
• Listen to new accents and slangs.
• Keep listening to nonorganic conversations means keep complaining about not sounding natural in Spanish.

Would you be able to speak as a native if you just listen to sweetened Spanish? Nope! So, the next time you feel temped to watch “Spanish with…” (add here your favorite YTuber name) think twice, and instead, listen to organic content made by natives for natives.

Wanting to learn more about how to exercise your listening skills? Let’s set up a time and day for a 20 minutes online or in person meeting (if you are living in Cuenca) in order to determine if we can work together.

A good start to the week.

Cuenca, EC

La Vilma Vega

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