Changes to the T-3 Tourist Visa, 2023

The Ministry of Internal Affairs changed the tourist permit and tourist extension visa rules.

Terms used:

“Tourist permit”: the 90-days (T-3) permit that is automatically granted to you for free on your arrival to Ecuador.

“Tourist visa Extension” or “extension visa” (prórroga): the 90 additional days permit that you must request at one of the Immigration offices, for which you have to pay.

Rules that remain the same:

The “tourist visa extension” will be granted only once within each chronological year. Will be valid for up to ninety (90) additional days, which will be continuous and accounted for regardless of whether the foreign person is inside or outside Ecuadorian territory.

The tourist visa extension will cost a third part of the Ecuadorian Basic Salary (the current cost is $150).

Rules that change:

– When to Obtain the extension visa.

The tourist must obtain the extension visa within the 10 days previous to the tourist permit expiration date (days 79-89). The extension period will start the day following the expiration of the tourist permit. This means that if you get your extension visa on day 80, you will not “lose” 10 days of stay in Ecuador, since the extension visa days will count from day 91-180.

The foreign person who exceeds ninety (90) days of their authorized stay as a tourist, may request the extension visa up to 30 days after the tourist permit expired (days 90-120), but will have to pay a fine of $225 in addition to the extension visa cost.

– “Chronological year”

The moment in which the foreign person enters Ecuador with the category of tourist is considered the start of the chronological year, and it ends in 365 days from that date.

The chronological year start will not remain on the same date as your initial entry to Ecuador in previous years; it will change each year depending on your first arrival after the end of the previous chronological year.

e.g., if you arrive on a new tourist permit on July 10, 2023, your current chronological year will be July 10, 2023 – July 9, 2024. If you use all your tourist permit days and your extension visa days within those dates, you will be able to re-enter Ecuador as a tourist on July 24, 2024; however, if you re-enter Ecuador on August 10, 2024, your new chronological year will be August 10, 2024 – August 9, 2025.

– Tourist permit automatic renewal.

If you are legally in Ecuador on a tourist permit or an extension visa at the time your chronological year ends, the Migration system will not automatically grant you a new 90-days tourist permit while you remain in Ecuador. You must leave Ecuador before your chronological year expires (even if you have not used the full 90 days of your tourist permit or extension visa), and re-enter Ecuador to “activate” a new tourist permit on a new chronological year.

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