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Explore top-notch relocation and real estate solutions in Ecuador with Cuenca Monica and Best Ecuador Homes.

If you’re seeking expert assistance for visas and relocating to Ecuador, Monica Gonzaga Relocation Consultant Services is your trusted partner. We handle all the bureaucratic complexities to ensure your successful transition.

My services go beyond local facilitators, offering guidance and support tailored to your needs in a new country. I’m not just a tourist guide; I’m your guide to a new life in beautiful Ecuador. I can assist you in becoming an Ecuadorian resident, whether temporary, permanent, or even a citizen. Need a city tour? I’ve got you covered, with a special tour of Cuenca for first-time visitors.

Also, I can help you with:

• Temporary and Permanent Resident visas for Ecuador and other nations
• Visa Transfers and Renewals
• Dependent Visas
• Ecuadorian Citizenship
• End-of-life Planning, Will Drafting
• Marriage Registrations
• Cedulas, Driver’s Licenses, Car Registrations
• Power of Attorney
• Document Translations
• Financial Services: Bank Accounts, Investments, Real Estate
• Governmental Procedures
• And many more

My satisfied customers can vouch for my services. Take a look at their happy faces:

Contact me now and we can make a Zoom meeting, a WhatsApp call, (come to Ecuador with the right paperwork to make your life easy when you apply for your residency of Ecuador

Or you can come to my office located in downtown Cuenca.

For real estate needs, meet “Best Ecuador Homes,” our dedicated division providing exceptional services to both expats and locals. Whether buying, selling, or renting property, our experienced team ensures a smooth process, including property management, vacation rentals, and comprehensive documentation support. Trust us for a hassle-free real estate experience in Ecuador.

Best Ecuador Homes. We are beyond real estate services. Trust us for your needs. Contact us now:

Benedicto XV

Monica Gonzaga
098 384 1691

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