Recommendation for Alex Mejia, computer

Once again I must recommend Alex . I had another computer that was blue screening and overheating. I had a repair done in Loja, upgrading the SSD and fixing the software. Unbeknownst to me, the folks in Loja “forgot” to do the heat sink copper bar and put in a bastardized windows that was not appropriate for the model and after paying $140 for this. Well, I left my Lenovo laptop with Alex and he worked his magic and integrity and trustworthiness on my behalf and installed the correct software as well as found another cooper heat sink bar and upgraded the DDR RAM. All for an unbelievable price.

I highly recommend this guy for all computer issues for two reasons; extreme honesty (rare, I find) and intelligence

Address: Th IT Guy Alex Mejia , Cuenca

Contact information: 099 289 3125

Recommended by Dr. Robert Annis:

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