The Enneagram: a path to freedom

The Enneagram is a multi-dimensional system that synthesizes ancient wisdom about human nature from multiple traditions with knowledge of modern psychology. While widely known as a personality typology, it is in fact much more than that, offering a powerful tool and detailed map for both psychological health and spiritual development.

Our quality of life is determined by how we react to the people, events, and circumstances of our lives. The Enneagram is a practical tool for understanding how we limit ourselves through habitual patterns; it enables us to improve our communication, our relationships, how we deal with conflict, and to grow into our best selves. Having worked in the field of personal development for 50 years as a healer, therapist, psychiatrist, executive coach and soon-to-be Certified Enneagram Teacher, this tool is unparalleled as a means to greater inner peace and freedom, and a more vibrant and richer life.

Curious to learn more? I’m offering a free class on Thursday, Sept. 7, from 3:30 – 5 PM. We’ll cover an overview of the system, the nine types, and how to work with the Enneagram for growth and development. Class size is limited to 9, and there are 3 spaces left. If you’d like to register, email me at, or WhatsApp 099 664 8605. Location and directions upon registration.

September 7, 3:30-5 PM, Free,

Given upon registration

Manya Arond Thomas

City: Cuenca

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