Diana Vera, medical and general facilitator

Welcome to all new (and longtime) residents of Cuenca! I am Diana Vera, and I work as a medical facilitator and personal assistant here in Cuenca. I have helped expats in the Cuenca community for more than 10 years get things done. Many people are happy to find someone who is reliable and dependable to help them get accustomed to life in a new city and country. It takes some of the worry, anxiety or confusion out of the period of adjustment to a new experience. I enjoy helping new residents adjust to their new lives here in Cuenca.

I can act as personal assistant, helping you to get settled, get your personal errands done, and your needs taken care of. Helping you facilitate your medical situations includes taking you to doctor’s appointments, setting up your Private or IESS health care insurance. I can be with you in the emergency room and translate to the doctor or medical staff for you. I can help you to set up your end-of-life planning, an important issue to be considered. I can also help you renewing your passport, transfer your visa to the new passport, get your visa and cedula also register your marriage and more.

I am available to work in and out of Cuenca.

I would like to present you my work team:

Leo Loza, my brother-in-law can be your driver and help you around with errands. He speaks English. If you need help, you can contact him at his phone number 099 772 9691.

Magui (Maggie) Vera, is my sister. She works as a housekeeper. If you need some help around the house or apartment, she speaks a bit of English, please contact her at her phone number, 098 277 0346.

Israel Quintero is my husband. He is a handyman, painter and more! You can contact him at my number, he doesn’t speak English but I will translate 099 174 4740.

Please feel free to contact us and allow us to be of service to you for any of your needs. We will be more than happy to assist you.

You can call, or email me. I am ready to be a part of your wonderful new life in Cuenca!


Diana Vera

099 174 4740

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