Adorable and beautiful Siamese Snowshoe!

Written by Rhea’s owner, Jorge:

My ex-partner purchased her in Santa Elena, Ecuador. Then she moved and I had to take care of Rhea myself. So, I traveled with Rhea for a short time around Ecuador and I realized that it’s very complicated for her to move places. She doesn’t like it. Before I traveled with her, she was 3 years in the same place and she got stressed when I started traveling and moving. I arrived in Cuenca 2 years ago and we haven’t traveled since then. Now I’ve decided to start traveling again and I will be moving a lot as I will be backpacking around South America. This is the reason why I cannot take her with me and would like to find another family who can adopt her. She prefers a steadier life and I considered this is the best for both of us. This is very hard for me, and that’s why I want to find the best home for her, so she can receive the love she deserves.

Rhea is a 4-year-old female Siamese Snowshoe. She is spayed but her vaccinations should be brought up to date. She has lived with adults, dogs and cats. She is independent, outgoing and friendly but can be shy at first with strangers. She is very affectionate and calm and likes to sleep in bed with you. Rhea is a lap cat! She has lived indoors only.

If you would like to arrange a meet and greet with Rhea, please contact me.

Jo Austin: 099 535 7387. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

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