FAAN’s back to school gift

At FAAN (Fundación Familia Amor Animal) our Education Team is focused on improving animal welfare through education of the next generation. Download and print a few copies of our “Be Kind” coloring book and share with young children in your neighborhood, maybe with the added, special gift of a box of crayons from your favorite tienda.

It will take each of us and all of us to make Cuenca known as the “The City that Cares” about Animal Welfare. This coloring and activity book on animal kindness is a start, with an education curriculum now in development.

Join FAAN as a volunteer, adopter and donor and be sure to get your tickets for GALA FAAN-TASTICA on October 7th when we host Cuenca’s Charity Event of of the Year to build the new shelter for our homeless dogs.



Rosemary Rein
096 920 9764

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