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Hello everyone, today at Shungo Foods we want to share with you a delicious and healthy beet and carrot juice recipe that is easy to make. It has been shown that regular consumption of beet juice can help reduce blood pressure, improve blood circulation, and increase physical endurance.

Beets contain beta-carotenes, carotenoids, and flavonoids that give them their attractive crimson color and act as effective liver cleansers, especially if you suffer from fatty liver. Additionally, beets help eliminate waste from the intestinal transit that can impede the proper absorption of nutrients, while carrots help regenerate liver cells, making this the best combination.

Here’s the recipe for beet juice:


1 large beet
2 medium-sized carrots
1 large orange
1 piece of fresh ginger (thumb-sized)


Wash the ingredients well.
Peel and cut the beet, carrots, and orange into small pieces.
Add all the ingredients to a blender.
Add enough water to get the desired consistency.
Blend until all the ingredients are well mixed.
Serve and enjoy.

This beet juice is a refreshing and healthy drink that you can enjoy at any time of the day. Additionally, you can adjust the recipe to your liking and add other ingredients like apple, lemon, or spinach.

At Shungo Foods, we have beets and carrots available for you that are grown without chemicals, as well as a wide variety of products harvested organically by local producers. Visit our website,, and discover this incredible healthy world. You can buy and receive the products at your doorstep.

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