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Veguero’s Grill: Venezuelan flavor that captivates in Cuenca

Located at the crossroads of Av 10 de Agosto and Miguel Moreno in Cuenca, Veguero’s Grill emerges as an authentic corner of the Venezuelan plains in the heart of Ecuador. This is the ideal place if you love exquisite meat and wish to explore unique flavors. And if Sunday is your preferred day, a tip: make a reservation in advance to enjoy an unforgettable gastronomic experience accompanied by live music!

We’ve had the privilege of visiting Veguero’s Grill on two occasions, and both times we’ve witnessed impeccable service. The friendly and professional staff greets you with a smile, ensuring every customer has an unforgettable experience. If you’re an English speaker, don’t worry; you’ll find a bilingual team ready to assist you and provide a unique experience.

We’ve shared this place with Cuencan, Venezuelan, and American friends, and in every case, the result has been the same: everyone has been completely enamored. The combination of excellent food, a cozy atmosphere, and a friendly team creates an experience that transcends cultural boundaries.

We can’t help but mention the live music accompanying Sundays with a reservation. It’s the perfect addition to an already exceptional meal.

So, suppose you’re a lover of delicious and high-quality meat, seeking service that makes you feel like family, and eager to explore new flavors in the corner of the Venezuelan plains. In that case, we invite you to discover Veguero’s Grill. We’re delighted to have found and shared it with our friends, and we’re confident it will captivate you too!

Address: Av 10 de Agosto and Miguel Moreno

Contact information: 098 790 2412

Recommended by Karla Sanchez Arismendi: 098 790 2412

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