Take control of your TV streaming service

Are you constantly searching your TV for something new to watch? Does your streaming service give you everything you want to see?

Take the Gypsy test. Compare your current service to Gypsy TV. No matter if you have Netflix, Apple TV, Hulu, Amazon prime, or another service, Gypsy TV has everything you need and want.

Gypsy TV combines all of the best shows, movies or series from all of the other services and puts them in one place. In addition, we add network favorites from FOX, CBS, NBC, ABC, and more.

We are all waiting for the Hollywood writers and actors strikes to end and for our favorite entertainment choices to return. But while we are all waiting, why not try something new.

Give Gypsy TV a try and see why so many people are making the switch. Its free to try! Just go to Gypsy-tv.com and sign up today.

We have easy to follow instructional videos and you can be watching something new tonight!

Cuenca, Ecuador

Gypsy Scott

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