Today is World Homeless Animal Day! Join us

Congratulations Cuenca! You’re part of the solution! We’re in contract for the purchase of land for our dogs thanks to you.

On this International Homeless Animal Day this Saturday, a shout-out to everyone (businesses and individuals) who have contributed to FAAN’s building fund to create Ecuador’s most modern shelter through donations, attending FAAN events, and volunteerism. (Fundacion Familia Amor Animal)

Join us this Saturday Morning at 9 AM for a special global broadcast for World Homeless Animal Day from Ecuador and South Africa when Cuenca gets a shout-out for combining, creativity, community participation, and innovation to make our world heritage city known as a “City that Cares” about animal welfare.

The program will feature author Sandra Beaumont in her reading of “One Day” dedicated to Cuenca’s homeless animals.

Join the Broadcast on Saturday!

And, if you haven’t yet joined FAAN’s Paws Circle of Benefactors your help couldn’t be more important. We’re working to close on the property and conduct the land survey and permit process so we can begin building.

With Love and Thanks from the Dogs of FAAN who soon will not be referred to as “Homeless”

August 19, 2023, $10-$10,000,


FAAN Ecuador: 096 920 9764

City: Cuenca

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