Recommendation for Diego Jadan Aviles, facilitator

My best choice since moving to Cuenca

Nine months ago, I moved to Cuenca. I chose Cuenca specifically because of its large expat community, hoping that the numerous opportunities for meeting other expats would translate over time into friends and groups that would help me learn Spanish and understand, assimilate, and become a viable, contributing part of my new home.

During my research before leaving the US, I became acquainted with the editor of one of several online publications specifically designed for expats. He made several useful suggestions to assist me during my initial settling down phase. Out of several excellent suggestions, finding a facilitator has to date been the best overall.

Since arriving in Cuenca, the challenge of adapting to a new culture and learning a new language has been quite an adventure! Initially, speaking no Spanish, I needed a translator. In addition, if possible, I wanted someone intimately knowledgeable with Cuenca to introduce me to the city and its offerings. To share the lovely and avoid the dark. I consider myself fortunate indeed to have chosen Diego Jadan Aviles.

As a translator, Diego Jadan conveys the essence and intention behind widely divergent conversations and situations. He works hard to interpret contexts, anticipate potential misunderstandings, and ensure that each interaction is as smooth as possible; that all parties feel heard and understood. Early in our working relationship Diego Jadan expressed a strong desire to help others using communication between Spanish and English as his medium. In the eight months we’ve been working together Diego Jadan has demonstrated over and again his skill with language and his dedication to his work as a facilitator.

Living in Cuenca there have been moments I’ve felt like a fish out of water. Thanks to Diego, many of those moments were turned into enriching experiences. He helped me grasp cultural nuances that a language course doesn’t always teach and has helped me gain understanding and enjoyment in my day-to-day activities in this lovely city.

For those looking for more than a translator – for a dedicated facilitator in Cuenca, I highly recommend Diego Jadan. In a setting where language has been a barrier, it’s been a blessing to have someone who turns an obstacle into a window for understanding and connection.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 099 887 5691

Recommended by Edith V. Von Weltin: 096 917 0701

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