Zarza Brewing: Triple cheers for Thirsty Thursday

It’s the highlight of the week – Thirsty Thursday Extravaganza at Zarza!

Buy 2 pints of our finest craft beer and we’ll make it even better by adding an extra pint to your order, absolutely free.

But that’s not all! We’re turning up the excitement with your favorite MLB games on our screens. Sit back, sip on your brew, and catch all the thrilling action on the diamond.

Gather your squad, head over to Zarza, and relish in this unbeatable offer of sports and sips.

Whether you’re a beer enthusiast or a sports fanatic, we’ve got the perfect Thursday evening awaiting you.

Cheers to incredible deals and unforgettable memories!


Remigio Tamariz between Alfonso Borrero and Lorenzo Piedra (link below)

Julio: WhatsApp: +593 99 109 0691

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