The Chicken Butt Book is back!

“Far more than just a book about cooking, this is one of the most concise, useful, and entertaining introductions to life for an expat in Cuenca that I have ever seen. Having lived in the city for four years now I can vouch for every bit of information the author shares with her readers, and she does so in a highly entertaining manner. And now ‘Ecuadork’ is my new favorite word.”

Linda Lewis,

It’s here! The updated 2023 edition of What’s Cookin’, Cuenca? A gringo guide for buying and preparing food in Ecuador is finally available! When I first published the book in 2013, I was criticized for my choice of cover photo. “Why not use a pretty picture of fruit in the mercado? It’s more attractive!” No! This is not a book about how attractive fruit is! It’s a book about adapting to things like piles of sheep eyeballs and not-quite-formed chicken eggs inside a slaughtered hen in the markets. This book provides weird facts, funny stories, accurate translations, some useful recipes, helpful hints, and suggestions for where to find things you need, how to make the things you can’t find, and have fun in the meantime!

First published a decade ago, the 2023 updated What’s Cookin’, Cuenca? is available as an ebook or as a convenient packet-book size you can take to the grocery store with you!

Get your copy for only $15 at Cuenca Consignments on Thursday from 11 AM to 1 PM and pick up a free packet of What’s Cookin’ salad dressing mix! Or email to reserve a copy. A great gift for newcomers!

Frances Hogg Lochow:

City: Cuenca

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