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New to town? Longing for some great food, a good time, plus the opportunity to make friends? You’ll get all that and more every Saturday night at Joes’ Secret Garden!

When I first moved to Cuenca, before I’d even met anyone, I went to Joes’ every Saturday night. Every week, I found myself seated at a table full of strangers, yet I never failed to have a good time. I’ve met all my closest friends at Joes’ Secret Garden.

More than a restaurant, Joes’ is a supper club, where before dinner you can hang out in the garden or the bar, chatting with new friends, sipping cocktails, and some days wolfing down KP’s renowned onion rings.

Though they’re known for their award-winning barbecue and fried chicken, their dinner entrees are far more wide-ranging than that. This coming Saturday, you have your choice of their newest offering, a comforting plate of meatloaf and mashed potatoes, veggies, and banana bread pudding. But if meatloaf doesn’t appeal to you, you have additional choices of chicken cacciatore with fettuccini, or baked chicken. Don’t eat meat? There’s always a vegetarian option. You can read more about it on their website at

So, wanna make new friends or spend quality time with old ones? Go to Joes’ Secret Garden this Saturday night. I’ll be there. Stop by and say hello!

– Dena Jo

Address: Los Pinos 1-99 y Tres de Noviembre

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