Help Gabby smile, wear helmets on electric scooters

Hi! I’m Gabriela. While working after college I had a very unlucky accident. While getting a ride home on an electric scooter I fell and broke my jaw up to my cheekbones. I had to move to Ecuador for my recovery, as it’s a bit cheaper. I am now almost a year post op. I finally got braces but I will need bone graft, gum graft, implants and crowns. Always need new X-rays and tomography’s.

My previous job in the US was super kind to make me a page to start helping with costs. If anyone can share, donate; anything helps me:

Again I thank any kind of sharing as it helps reach people. Maybe kids who choose to not wear a helmet during these fun rides but don’t know how just one unlucky fall can set you back. I’m available for emails to send pics or updates as this really did happen to me and my job can be looked up and emailed as well to verify this accident as they are the ones who created the page and were with me through the hospital time.

Gabriela: .

City: Cuenca

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