Free Fandango (card) lessons start next week

You have seen us all over town with our card trays and 8 decks of cards. Now learn how to play Fandango. A form of Canasta. Hours of fun. If you have played cards at all, that will help. If you already play or know Hand and Foot, you are well on your way. But whatever level, come one come all.

One game takes about 3 hours. Material will be provided and instructions will be sent to you once you sign up. We’ll start with the basics and move from there. Limited to 3 people. We will stop for a quick breakfast.

Wednesdays, August 17 to September 21 from 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM, Free,

Sunrise Cafe on Calle Larga between Padre Aguirre and Benigno Malo

Dara Montclare:

City: Cuenca

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